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Bookkaru offers a convenient way to book flight tickets, bus tickets, and event tickets online. Bookkaru is a handy travel planner that not only provides cheap tickets but also allows you to plan your tours.

Visit the Bookkaru website or download the Bookkaru app to get buses, trains, flights, and concert tickets online.


Bookkaru Offers Buses Tickets, Flight Tickets, and Event Tickets Online

Bookkaru Offers Buses Tickets

Use Bookkaru and buy bus, airline, and train tickets online. Online booking is convenient and also provides affordable ticket prices.

Whether you need to book an airline ticket or you are on a domestic tour in the country, you just need to do a simple search and find all the available and discounted prices. Join now and compare ticket prices today.

Bookkaru is similar to Sastaticket and Bookme apps as the passengers can book the tickets using any of these apps and websites online.

Buy Faisal Movers Tickets with Bookkaru

One of the best things about Bookkaru is that you can book all types of bus tickets online. If you need to travel domestically then choose Faisal Movers bus services. The tickets will be available at discounted prices.

Here are some of the other bus services that you can choose with Bookkaru:

  • Daewoo Express
  • Matyana Movers
  • Kohistan Express
  • Manthar Transport
  • Madina Express
  • Bilal Travels
  • Sania Express
  • New Subhan
  • Super Makhtar

How to Book a Ticket with Bookkaru Website or App?

How to Book a Ticket with Bookkaru

Booking any kind of traveling or concert ticket with Bookkaru is very easy. If you have a smartphone or laptop then you can follow these steps:

  1. Open an internet browser like Chrome or Safari on your phone or laptop.
  2. Type “” and visit the official website of Bookkaru.
  3. Otherwise, you can download the Bookkaru app from your preferred Play Store.
  4. On the homepage of the Bookkaru website, you will see the following options:
    1. Bus
    2. Car Rental
    3. Flights
    4. Sports
    5. Cinema
    6. Events
    7. Attraction
    8. Tours
    9. Trains
    10. Sessions
  5. Depending on your requirements, you need to choose any of the above options.
  6. For buses or flights, choose the destination and departure locations.
  7. Choose the date and then search for the available traveler services.
  8. Select your seat from the available seats.
  9. Enter your CNIC and other details.
  10. Pay for the ticket price and confirm your travel and that’s it.

Now visit the airport or bus terminals on the date of departure and have the joy of an amazing journey in Pakistan.

Bookkaru App is a Handy Travel Planner

Use the Bookkaru app and get a free travel planner and assistant. Make your journey amusing with this ticket-booking app. You can check the weather conditions, routes, hotels, and world-class customer support.

The app is a gold for frequent travelers. If you travel a lot in Pakistan and even outside of Pakistan, Bookkaru is your companion.

Bookkaru Sign-Up Guide

Let’s check out the easy and simple Bookkaru registration guide. You need to create an account on Bookkaru if you want to buy a ticket online.

Follow these steps for registration:

  1. Visit the Bookkaru website and click on the Sign Up button.
  2. Now enter your details like Full name, email address, and CNIC number.
  3. Create a username and password and that’s it.
  4. Login to your account and start booking with ease and hassle-free methods.

How to Download and Use the Bookkaru App?

One of the convenient ways to use Bookkaru is via Bookkaru Android or iOS app. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Here are the steps to consider:

  1. Open your proffered app store.
  2. Install the app on your phone.
  3. Do your registration.
  4. Choose your services like Hotels, Cars, or Airlines.
  5. Confirm your booking and choose your seat.
  6. Make a payment and get your ticket online.

Bookkaru Contact Information

In the case of any issue or refund, you can contact Bookkaru online. Use the following contact details and solve your issues.


What is Bookkaru?

Bookkaru is an online e-ticket-selling website. People can join the platform and book a bus, cinema, train, and concert tickets. Join today and enjoy your journey with a loving moment.

What if I forget my password?

Users can reset or recover their passwords in case they have forgotten them.

What are the bus services available on Bookkaru?

Users can choose Matyana Movers, Faisal Movers, and Daewoo Express using the Bookkaru platform.

What is e-ticket booking?

An e-ticket booking is a type of ticket that does not physically exist. It is a digital copy of an original ticket.

How to compare prices in Bookkaro?

You can check all the latest ticket prices and then compare them with other travel service providers.

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