Faisal Movers Amenities

By Faisal Bajwa

Faisal Movers became a brand name for luxury and comfort for local traveling. There are over 65% of people in Pakistan prefer Faisal Movers as compared to other bus services like Daewoo and Niazi Express.

But one question arises here “Why do people prefer Faisal Movers”? Why it is the biggest transportation company in Pakistan? The answer is simple: Faisal Movers provides what it promises to passengers.

If you are thinking of moving from other travel services to Faisal Movers and want to know what are the onboard amenities and facilities then you need to read this guide.

What are Amenities?

Amenities are the perks and facilities that passengers get while they are traveling on a bus, plane, or train. They can be in the form of food, a comfy environment, and facilities like WiFi and USB charging ports.

What Are the Faisal Movers Amenities in 2024?

What Are the Faisal Movers Amenities in 2024

Let’s have a look at Faisal Movers world-class amenities in 2024.

1- Comfortable Waiting Areas at Terminals:

The very first facility that passengers will get is the lavish waiting areas at Faisal Movers terminals. Passengers can enjoy a pleasant environment while waiting for their departure. The seating arrangements are very spacious and comfortable and passengers can sit for a long time as well.

There is a separate space for those who want to offer prayers and rest while waiting for their bus arrival.

2- Onboard Entertainment Options (TV screens, Wi-Fi):

Each seat has an Android tablet for all passengers. Besides the TV screens, there is a free Wi-Fi connection that passengers can enjoy while traveling.

3- Charging Outlets for Electronic Devices:

Nowadays, traveling with a smartphone and laptop is a requirement for every traveler. Especially, if you are going to attend a business meeting, you need to have your devices charged. That is why, FM has arranged USB charging ports and outlets for travelers who need to charge their divided on the go.

4- Luggage Storage Compartments:

Faisal Movers understands that travelers mostly carry luggage and belongings with them. And this is why they provide convenient luggage storage compartments onboard their buses. These compartments are spacious and secure, allowing passengers to store their bags, suitcases, and other belongings during the journey.

5- Complimentary Refreshments (Water, Snacks & Cold Drinks):

Enjoy tasty snacks and chilled cold drinks when you are craving on a bus. FM has a pack of refreshments that contains a packet of snacks like Lays, Chitos, or Nimko and a cold drink Pepsi or Coca-Cola.

6- Climate Control (Air Conditioning/Heating):

Feeling cold or heated? No worry, Faisal Movers buses are equipped with air conditioning and heaters. According to the need of the time, the inner environment will be comfy and luxurious for the passengers.

7- Professional and Courteous Staff Members:

The staff is very cooperative, courteous, and friendly. You can get help, ask questions, and anything that you need.

Tips for Comfortable and Pleasent Traveling

Although the Faisal Movers amenities are enough to make a journey luxurious and pleasant, some pro tips can double your fun. Here are some tips for Faisal Movers travels to make their journey amazing.

  • Arrive Early: Arriving at the FM terminal ahead of time gives you much time to check in, find your bus, and settle in comfortably before departure.
  • Pack Light: Passengers should pack light to have maximum fun in traveling. However, luggage storage compartments are available but if you pack light, you can relax more.
  • Stay Hydrated and Snack Smart: Before going to the terminal, you should have a bottle of water and some snacks if you like. The canteens at terminals charged too much for these goods.
  • Dress Comfortably: Opt for loose, breathable clothing and comfortable shoes to ensure maximum comfort during the journey, especially for long trips.
  • Entertainment Essentials: If you have a smartphone, you should keep this along with you while you are traveling. Use this phone to get updates and entertainment on the way.
  • Stay Connected: Take advantage of onboard Wi-Fi to stay connected with friends and family, catch up on work, or browse the internet during the journey.
  • Stretch and Move: Take short walks or do some stretching exercises during rest stops to prevent stiffness and promote circulation.
  • Respect Others: You should take care of your fellow passengers. Keep noise levels low, avoid strong-smelling foods, and maintain cleanliness in your seating area.
  • Capture Memories: Don’t forget to bring a camera or smartphone to capture scenic views along the way and document your travel memories with Faisal Movers.
  • Relax and Enjoy: Finally, sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey! Appreciate the convenience and comfort provided by Faisal Movers as you travel to your destination.


Do Faisal Movers buses have Wi-Fi onboard?

Yes, passengers can use Wi-Fi facilities while they are traveling on a bus.

Are refreshments provided during the trip?

Yes, FM offers drinks and snacks during the trip.

Do Faisal Movers buses have restroom facilities?

Yes, passengers can use the restrooms.

What entertainment options are available onboard Faisal Movers buses?

You can use free Wi-Fi, tablets to watch movies or listen to songs, and use your own smartphone or laptop to browse the free internet.

What is a sleeper bus?

Faisal Movers has introduced a sleeper bus service where passengers can lay down on a mattress during their traveling. This bus is best for those who have issues with sitting for a long time.

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