Faisal Movers Bus Types

By Faisal Bajwa

Faisal Movers is famous for its luxury traveling services in Pakistan. That is why FM uses the latest and most luxurious buses for their passengers. Faisal Mover’s bus types consist of three basic categories, Standard, Executive, and Business Class.

In this post, I will let you know what are the major types of Faisal Movers buses and what are the specialties of each of them.

Faisal Movers Bus Types in 2024

Faisal Movers Bus Types

Traveling is one of the things that should be comfortable, luxurious, and affordable as well. Faisal Movers is a combination of all these requirements for local traveling.

Now let’s explore the Faisal Movers bus types in 2024:

1 – Standard Bus Service:

One of the most common bus types is standard buses. These buses are Daewoo buses with luxury seats and interiors.

The standard bus has another category which is Standard Plus. Below is the distinction between both bus types.

StandardStandard Plus
45 Seats40 Seats
Local BusesDaewoo BH-116 Buses

This bus service is fully affordable and comfy in class. For short route traveling like Multan to Khanywal or Lahore, these buses are the best. Passengers will also get regular amenities like drinks, free Wi-Fi, snacks, and TV for entertainment.

2- Executive Class Bus Service:

If you are willing to travel with ease and comfort then Executive Class is your way to go. This is the second most luxurious bus service. Executive Class has a luxurious service that is Executive Plus.

ExecutiveExecutive Plus
Luxurious AmenitiesVOD system
40 Deluxe Seats (2+2 seating)28 Deluxe Seats + 9 Luxury Seats

Executive buses are equipped with all the latest amenities. The buses are ELX-1000, PRS-2000, and LUX-3000 which are luxury buses. The bus has a VOD system installed on the back of each seat.

3- Business Class Bus Service:

For those seeking the epitome of luxury and comfort in their travels, Faisal Movers offers the Business Class Bus Service. This is the highest tier of luxury among Faisal Movers’ offerings, designed to cater to discerning travelers who prioritize comfort, convenience, and a premium experience.

Experience the ultimate comfort on FM’s bus with a 2+1 seating configuration, providing ample space for relaxation. Stretch out and unwind with enough room to fully recline and spread your legs, ensuring a rejuvenating journey from start to finish.

Business Class uses the Volvo 9700 and Volvo 9900 buses. These buses are famous for extreme comfort and luxury. Also, Business Class experience extends beyond physical comforts to encompass exceptional service standards. Passengers can expect personalized attention from dedicated staff members who are trained to anticipate and fulfill their every need. 

Faisal Movers Sleeper Bus

Faisal Movers has introduced a new bus type that is Sleeper Bus. As the name sounds, the bus is for those who want to sleep throughout the trip.

The bus has a sleeping environment inside like pillows, mattresses, and air conditioning. There is no seat inside the bus as you have to lie down on a mattress.

For longer journeys, this bus service is the best as you can lie down and sleep without any issues. Suppose you are traveling from Karachi to Lahore then you need to sit for 15 to 16 hours. However, with the Faisal Movers Sleeper Bus, you can sleep and reach your destination without fatigue and exhaustion.


Who is the owner of Faisal Movers Pakistan?

The founders of Faisal Movers are Khawaja Muhammad Akbar and Khwaja Ahmad Shahzad.

Which bus service is best in Pakistan?

Faisal Movers, Daewoo Express, and Niazi Express are the best bus services in Pakistan.

Do Faisal movers go to Swat?

Yes, Faisal Movers go to Swat and other northern areas of Pakistan.

Which bus service is best from Rawalpindi to Multan?

Faisal Movers is the best and most affordable bus service for traveling from Rawalpindi to Multan.

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