Faisal Movers Online Booking

By Faisal Bajwa

Get your Faisal Movers tickets online with the facility of Faisal Movers online booking. Now you can buy bus tickets using your phone or laptop from the comfort of your home. Just choose your departure city and destination to get the price of your ticket.

Book Faisal Movers Ticket Online

Book Faisal Movers Ticket Online

If you are new to Faisal Movers online booking process then this easy guide is for you.

1) Visit Sastaticket.com:

One of the easiest ways to book the Faisal Movers ticket is by using the Sasta Ticket website. Sastaticket.com is a website that sells buses, trains, and flight tickets in Pakistan. Passengers can buy tickets in just a few simple steps.

Just head over to this website and choose your tour details as follows:

2) Choose Departure and Destination Locations:

On the website of Sasaticket, you will see a dialogue where you need to choose “Leaving from” and “Going to” locations. These are the locations that will define your ticket price as well.

3) Schedule a Traveling Date and Time:

After choosing your departure and destination cities, your next move is to choose your traveling day and bus timings. You can do advance booking as well. Just click on the deporting section and choose your date when you need to travel and then click on the “Go” button.

4) Choose Bus Type:

Now you need to choose your bus type of class like business class or standard. You will see many available options that you can choose. You can also check the bus ticket price in front of this panel. Once you have chosen your desired bus service, you need to click on the “Check Seats” button to see available seats for you.

5) Pick your Seat:

Passengers can see a listicle image of all the available seats. The available seats will be shown with a white numbered box. If a box is colored then it is already reserved by another passenger.

Also, for females, the color is purple and for males the color is blue. Now you can look and pick your seat according to your needs. Now click on the “Continue Booking” button to proceed to the next page.

6) Review Your Trip:

Review Your Trip

Now you will see an overview of your final bookings. This will include your destination city, traveling time, your seat number, and final ticket price after a discount if applicable. You can modify your bookings if you need to.

7) Payment Process:

You need to pay for your ticket price now. Just provide your phone number, email address, full name, and CNIC number to complete the booking process online.

Payment Process

Following are the payment options that you can use:

  • Debit/credit card
  • HBL direct transfer
  • 1Bill – Bank transfer
  • JazzCash
  • EasyPaisa

Choose any of the above payment methods and pay for your bus fare online. In return, you will get an e-ticket for your trip. You can use this e-ticket to travel with Faisal Movers.

Buy Faisal Movers Ticket with the Bookkaru App

Bookkaru is another leading online ticket-selling platform in Pakistan. From buses, and flights to the cinema, you can buy tickets in just a few swaps.

  1. Download the Bookkaru app from your app store.
  2. Install the app and create your account. You can also create your Bookkaru wallet for the payments of tickets.
  3. Choose “Buses” from the navigation bar.
  4. Now enter your leaving city and traveling city names.
  5. Choose the date and time of your travel.
  6. Check the available seats and book them.
  7. Choose a payment method like bank transfer or debit card and pay for your ticket.
  8. Download the e-ticket on your phone and save it.
  9. You can also get discounts on special occasions like Eid and other holidays.

Book Faisal Movers Tickets with Bookme

We have added a third ticket booking platform here for your maximum convenience. Passengers can use the Bookme app or website to book a ticket for their trips.

  1. Choose your departure and arrival locations.
  2. Set the trip date.
  3. Proceed to pick a bus seat.
  4. Choose your payment option.
  5. Pay the bus fare.
  6. Get your ticket and that’s it.

How to Get Deals and Discounts on Faisal Movers Tickets Online?

You need to use the Sastaticket.com website or app to get amazing deals and discounts on your next bus traveling. Sasataticket is offering 10% off almost all the regular bus fares and you can even find up to 70% off on special occasions.

Just use the app and keep booking your bus and flight tickets to get royalty points. You can redeem those royalty points for special amenities, discounts on ticket prices, and access to VIP luggage and rest areas.


How to do Faisal Movers online booking?

Passengers can use third-party apps like Sastaticket and Bookkaru apps to book a ticket online at a discounted price.

How to get a discount on FM bus fare?

FM bus fares are fixed and you can only get a discount when you use a third-party ticket-selling app like Bookme.

How to get a refund from Faisal Movers?

Passengers can get a refund in case of any issues from the ticket-selling platforms. You just need to pay a minor fine payment and then get your ticket payment back. For Sastaticket.com, users can navigate to the refunds sections and then file a refund.

What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket, short for electronic ticket, is a digital ticket that is issued and stored electronically rather than being printed on paper.

Can I cancel my booking online?

Yes, you have the option to cancel your bookings before the departure date.

What is the support or helpline number of Faisal Movers?

The helpline number of Faisal Movers is 111-224488.

Do I need to download the app for ticket booking?

Yes, you need to download the app but you can also visit the websites of ticket-selling platforms like Bookme.pk, etc.

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