Faisal Movers Ticket Price Today

By Faisal Bajwa

Want to know the Faisal Movers ticket price for your traveling route? You can check all the Faisal Movers ticket prices for all the major city routes in Pakistan. We have added an updated (July 2024) fare price list on this website.

Check the bus fares for today and book your tickets online from the comfort of your home.

Faisal Movers Ticket Price List Today (July 2024 Fare Prices)

Faisal Movers Ticket Price Today
All Bus RoutesStandard ClassExecutive ClassBusiness Class
Lahore to SialkotNILLRs. 1000Rs. 1200
Lahore to SargodhaRs. 1100Rs. 1250Rs. 1350
Lahore to MurreeNILLRs. 2500Rs. 3000
Lahore to IslamabadNILLRs. 2000Rs. 2800
Lahore to FaisalabadRs. 1000Rs. 1000Rs. 1080
Lahore to SahiwalRs. 800NILLNILL
Lahore to BahawalpurNILLRs. 1900Rs. 2500
Lahore to PeshawarNILLRs. 2300Rs. 3100
Lahore to DunyapurNILLRs. 1800Rs. 2400
Lahore to Rahim Yar KhanNILLRs. 2750Rs. 3500
Lahore to MianchanuRs. 1100NILLNILL
Lahore to MultanRs. 1300Rs. 1840Rs. 2240
Lahore to LodhranNILLRs. 1900Rs. 2500
Lahore to SukkurNILLRs. 3850Rs. 4950
Lahore to KotaduNILLRs. 2000Rs. 2400
Lahore to DG KhanNILLRs. 2050Rs. 2550
Lahore to VehariRs. 1450Rs. 1450NILL
Lahore to JahanianNILLRs. 1800Rs. 2400
Lahore to Ahmad Pur EastNILLRs. 2200Rs. 2900
Lahore to KhanpurNILLRs. 2600Rs. 3200
Lahore to MuzafargarhNILLRs. 1950Rs. 2450
Lahore to AlipurNILLRs. 2100Rs. 2500
Lahore to HyderabadNILLRs. 5700Rs. 7100
Lahore to OkaraRs. 600NILLNILL
Lahore to Uch SharifNILLRs. 2100Rs. 2500
Lahore to BurewalaRs. 1450Rs. 1450NILL
Lahore to KarachiNILLRs. 5900Rs. 7300
Lahore to SadiqabadNILLRs. 2750Rs. 3500
Lahore to TaunsaNILLRs. 2100Rs. 2500
Lahore to MailsiRs. 900Rs. 1000Rs. 1200
Lahore to ChichawatniRs. 950Rs. 950NILL
Lahore to KalamNILLRs. 3300Rs. 3800
Lahore to SwatNILLRs. 2250Rs. 2800
Lahore to NaranNILLRs. 4100Rs. 4600
Lahore to KamaliaRs. 830Rs. 830NILL
Lahore to GilgitNILLRs. 5650Rs. 6650
Lahore to HunzaNILLRs. 6150Rs. 6650
Lahore to KhanewalRs. 1150Rs. 1700Rs. 2150
Lahore to ChinaNILLRs. 27000NILL
Lahore to RajanpurNILLRs. 2400Rs. 2900
Lahore to JampurNILLRs. 2300Rs. 2500
Multan to KarachiNILLRs. 3800Rs. 5000
Multan to SukkurNILLRs. 2700Rs. 3300
Multan to Rahim Yar KhanRs. 1430Rs. 1430NILL
Multan to HyderabadNILLRs. 3400Rs. 4200
Multan to SadiqabadRs. 1480Rs. 1480NILL
Multan to DG KhanRs. 500NILLNILL
Multan to MianchannuRs. 450NILLNILL
Multan to BahawalpurRs. 550NILLNILL
Multan to FaisalabadRs. 1600Rs. 1800NILL
Multan to SahiwalRs. 880NILLNILL
Multan to IslamabadRs. 2800Rs. 3000Rs. 3500
Multan to ChichawatniRs. 600NILLNILL
Islamabad to ChinaNILLRs. 30000NILL
Islamabad to GilgitNILLRs. 4000NILL
Islamabad to NaranNILLRs. 2400NILL
Islamabad to SkarduNILLRs. 5200NILL
Islamabad to KalamRs. 1700Rs. 1700NILL
Islamabad to KamaliaNILLRs. 2900NILL
Islamabad to HunzaNILLRs. 4500NILL
Islamabad to Uch SharifNILLRs. 2900NILL
Islamabad to ChichawatniNILLRs. 3050NILL
Islamabad to SwatRs. 1100Rs. 1100NILL
Islamabad to KhanewalNILLRs. 2500NILL
Islamabad to DG KhanNILLRs. 3090Rs. 3590
Islamabad to Rahim Yar KhanNILLRs. 3400Rs. 4250
Islamabad to SadiqabadNILLRs. 3400Rs. 4250
Islamabad to AlipurNILLRs. 2800Rs. 3450
Islamabad to HyderabadNILLRs. 5800Rs. 6900
Islamabad to KarachiNILLRs. 6300Rs. 7900
Islamabad to MurreeRs. 500Rs. 500NILL
Islamabad to PeshawarRs. 700Rs. 750NILL
Islamabad to SahiwalNILLRs. 2800Rs. 3100
DG Khan to FaisalabadRs. 800Rs. 1350NILL
Muzafargarh to FaisalabadNILLRs. 1500NILL
Bahawalpur to MianchannuRs. 1200Rs. 1350NILL
Bahawalpur to ChichawatniRs. 1300NILLNILL
Bahawalpur to Rahim Yar KhanRs. 1300Rs. 1350NILL
Bahawalpur to KhanpurRs. 1100NILLNILL
Bahawalpur to SahiwalRs. 1450NILLNILL
Bahawalpur to HyderabadNILLRs. 3450Rs. 4150
Bahawalpur to KarachiNILLRs. 3800Rs. 4500
Bahawalpur to SadiqabadRs. 1350Rs. 1350NILL
Karachi to RajanpurNILLRs. 3250NILL
Karachi to SadiqabadNILLRs. 2800Rs. 3400
Karachi to SialkotNILLRs. 6900Rs. 8200
Karachi to MuzafargarhNILLRs. 3250NILL
Karachi to Khan BelaNILLRs. 3000NILL
Karachi to SwatNILLRs. 6950Rs. 8800
Karachi to Jalapur JattanNILLRs. 3200NILL
Karachi to Uch SharifNILLRs. 3200NILL
Karachi to Rahim Yar KhanNILLRs. 2800Rs. 3400

Faisal Movers Online Booking and Buy Ticket

Passengers have the facility to book Faisal Movers online and get an e-ticket for their traveling. However, the online booking process can be new for many people and that’s why we have prepared a beginner’s guide for you.

Book Faisal Movers using Sastaticket:

  1. Download the Sastaticket app from the Google Play Store or you can also use the Apple store to get this app. Otherwise, you can click here to go directly to the app’s pages:
    1. Sastaticket App (For Android Users)
    2. Sastaticket App (For iPhone Users)
  2. Now install the app on your phone and create your account with your phone number and password.
  3. Open the dashboard and navigate to the Buses section.
  4. Choose your departure city and then choose your destination city. For example, Lahore to Islamabad.
  5. Choose the date and bus timing when you want to travel.
  6. Pick the Faisal Movers bus type like Business Class or Standard.
  7. Find your available seat.
  8. Pay the fare price by credit card, JazzCash, SadaPay or NayaPay.
  9. Get your e-ticket by email and SMS on your phone.
  10. Use this e-ticket on the day of your traveling.

Faisal Movers Online Ticket Booking with Bookkaru:

  1. Visit https://bookkaru.com/ on your phone or laptop.
  2. Choose the Buses icon on the homepage.
  3. Enter the city where you need to depart and then choose the city where you want to travel.
  4. Choose the journey date.
  5. Search the available seats for that particular date and choose your seat.
  6. Pay the ticket price via bank deposit, debit card, or mobile wallet like EasyPaisa.
  7. Download your e-ticket and that’s it.

Faisal Movers Bus Types 2024

Faisal Movers is one of the best and most luxurious bus services in Pakistan. With over 600 bus fleets, FM is ruling the transportation sector in 2024. To facilitate the passengers, Faisal Movers has different types of bus fleets. Here is an overview of them:

1) Standard Buses:

Faisal Movers offers one of the most affordable and yet luxurious 45-seater Daewoo buses as standard bus service. The alignment of the seats is 2×2 and seats are made of soft microfiber,  high-density foam padding, and genuine leather.

2) Executive Buses:

These are 2×2 lane and 40 seater buses. There is enough space between the seats to make your journey comfortable.

3) Business Class:

To make your business tours more comfortable, choose Faisal Movers Business Class bus service. These are 30-seater buses with 2×1 seat alignment. It is full of amenities, facilities, and luxury. 

Faisal Movers Discount on Ticket Prices

If you want to avail some amazing discounts on Faisal Movers ticket prices then you need to choose the Sasytaticket app and get an amazing discount.

The app allows you to collect vouchers and deals on your trip and tour. You can use those discount vouchers to get up to 70% off on your next traveling.


What is the price of a Faisal Movers bus ticket in 2024?

The price of a Faisal Movers bus ticket starts from Rs. 600 and goes to Rs. 30000 and beyond.

How to check Faisal Movers’ fare price for today?

You need to visit our website and check the latest fare price list on our webpage.

What is the number for the Faisal Movers ticket?

Dial 111-224488 and ask for online booking, ticket prices, and reservations as well.

How much is the bus fare from Islamabad to Peshawar?

The price of a ticket from Islamabad to Peshawar is Rs. 940.

What is the ticket price from Lahore to Rawalpindi?

The ticket price is Rs. 1581.

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